Fuel Price for December 2023

PMS: GMD76.50
AGO: GMD75.94
Office of The Managing Director

Message of the Managing Director

Mr Baboucarr Njie

Directors of various departments, Human Resources, Admin, finance, Upstream, Commerce, Operation, and the rest of the staff in general my heartfelt greetings to you. I use this solemn moment of joy and welcome you all. As we strive to actualise our aims, ensuring maximum benefit from our Hydrocarbon resources and further becoming world-class Oil and Gas industry, is a dream to be realised. In order to actualise this ambition, I challenge every member of my staff to be resolute in the dispensation of their duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, effectiveness and efficiency are the by-products of our core values as a corporation. I, therefore, encourage research base policies and strategies to be our working instruments. Management and staff in general, may I seize this opportunity to remind you once more that our goals are only achievable through hard work and collective responsibility. It is essential to put the interest of the corporation first, before personal benefits, this is an infinitive reward. As mistakes are part of human qualities, taking responsibility to own them is a credit. This is in conjunction with collaborative work and promoting interpersonal relationships during and after work.